We provide an independent, disciplined approach to investment management, which has historically been reserved for institutional investors. Each portfolio is customized to target the client’s specific objectives.

Our firm's relationships and experience enable us to pursue research and investments from some of the best institutional sources in the world, which we combine with our own rigorous, objective analysis.

We manage risk first. We do not attempt to time markets. Instead, we focus on the critical investing components that can be controlled, such as portfolio structure, risk management, asset allocation and diversification.

We employ a comprehensive approach, which includes analysis of all client assets, including those held elsewhere, to ensure there are no unintended concentrations or risks. 

We are committed to transparency in the investment process and reduction of investment costs. We do not sell “in-house” funds and we do not accept compensation from third-parties. This ensures all advice is predicated only upon the best interests of our clients.